Christmas Cheer In Camouflage~Allen in Iraq

Marci’s husband Allen is serving in Iraq and won’t be home for Christmas. A National Guardsman, he’s been away for a little over three months. This is Allen with his daughters–twin six-year-olds and a four-year-old. Aren’t they adorable?

As a National Guard Reservist, Allen took time away from a civilian job that paid more than he is making while he serves our country in Iraq. To help with expenses, Marci has been selling things on eBay and doing whatever she can to balance her family’s budget.

When Marci shared this information with me, she made it clear that she wasn’t whining: “We are proud to serve!” She stated that her family knows they will have to do without some of their “wants” to take care of their needs. Without question, military families make huge sacrifices in service to our country!

Marci says that her girls have been asking their daddy to send them a soldier doll for Christmas. Santa looked for the dolls, but couldn’t find one that fit his budget.

After reading Marci’s story, I found myself wishing I was able to give more than one bear per family. Phone calls are infrequent—because Allen’s mission is classified, Marci can’t call him. So, she and the girls anxiously await his phone calls. And as the mom of a soldier, trust me, juggling time differences–especially with little ones and bed times–is a difficult task.

Marci and girls, I hope this Cuddletunes Bear helps you to miss Allen a little less when you are able to hear his voice with a squeeze of the bear’s hand.

Merry Christmas and God bless you, Marci, Allen, and girls!

Marci is one of six winners of a Cuddletunes Bear. Find out how this giveaway took on a life of its own by clicking here.

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