Coffee News Club: Week of January 16th

Coffee prices continue to fluctuate, Hawaii faces a coffee’ farmageddon,’ and could science create a decent cup of decaf? ‘Arabica Steadies After Touching More Than 1-1/2 Year Lows’ – via Reuters Bad weather and supply constraints…
by Fionn Pooler | January 16, 2023

Coffee News Club: Week of January 9th

New year, new coffee health stories. Plus: which brew method has the smallest carbon footprint?
by Fionn Pooler | January 9, 2023

The Biggest News Stories of 2022

Global geopolitics, a surging coffee labor movement, and a whole lot of greenwashing: welcome to the Fresh Cup 2022 Year in Review.
by Fionn Pooler | December 26, 2022

The Rise And Fall Of Hard Coffee

After a seemingly unstoppable rise, we said RIP to Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Hard Coffee in October 2022. Do other hard coffee drinks stand a chance?
by Fionn Pooler | December 21, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of December 19th

Could a rediscovered coffee species save the industry? Could a tiny wasp save Hawaiian coffee? Could drinking coffee save your hips?
by Fionn Pooler | December 19, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of December 12th

Happy birthday, Starbucks Workers United! And breaking news: coffee wakes you up!
by Fionn Pooler | December 12, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of December 5th

Krispy Kreme agrees to pay nearly $1.2 million in back wages. Plus, Colombia again considers leaving the commodity coffee market, Peet’s Coffee workers move to unionize, and caffeine could help you run really, really…
by Fionn Pooler | December 5, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 28th

Topsy-turvy coffee predictions from Brazil, a survey to promote wage transparency, and Starbucks continues closing unionized stores.  Here’s a roundup of this week’s biggest coffee headlines.  ‘Brazil Farmers, Agronomists Downgrade 2023 Coffee Crop Expectations’…
by Fionn Pooler | November 28, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 21st

It’s a Red Cup Rebellion! Unions strike back at Starbucks while coffee’s commodity price is falling—but news outlets continue to focus on consumers rather than farmers.  ‘Coffee Prices are Crashing. What it Means for…
by Fionn Pooler | November 21, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 14th

Could better-tasting, more climate-resilient coffee be in our future? Plus, a raging debate over alternative milk at barista competitions and your favorite Starbucks hacks pour money into the company's coffers.
by Fionn Pooler | November 14, 2022