Historical Preservation: Bares Notables Capture the Spirit of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is home to a number of ornate cafés called bares notables. In every bares notables, you'll find a piece of Argentine history.
by Ingrid Cruz | July 25, 2022

Composting For All: How One Local Organization Made Reusing Spent Coffee Grounds Simple

Austin's Compost Coalition brings new life to spent coffee grounds and provides a blueprint for composting in your neighborhood.
by Regan Crisp | July 14, 2022

Fueled By a Coffee Cup: Fluid Coop SF is a Space for and by Queer and Trans People

Built by trans people, Fluid is a cooperative cafe intentionally made for San Francisco's queer community.
by Bunny McFadden | July 13, 2022

For the Love of Levers

Although most coffee shops elect to use modern espresso machines, some opt for an old-school approach to crafting the perfect beverage. 
by Rachel Northrop | July 12, 2022

Beyond Iced: On The Variety, Flexibility, and Excitement of Cold Brew Tea

On the heels of cold brew coffee, cold brew tea takes its place in the market.
by Jessica Natale Woollard | July 7, 2022

A Library of Flavor: Using Tea as an Ingredient in Cooking

Tea is more than a beverage: Karl Holl at Smith Tea shares how he uses tea to flavor and enhance sweet and savory dishes.
by Lola Méndez | July 1, 2022

Don’t Let It Build Up: On Scale Prevention

Tackling mineral deposits in brewing: how you can prevent scale buildup and prolong the life of your brewing equipment.
by Michael Butterworth | June 30, 2022

Smooth Sippers v. Face Melters: Balancing Strength & Flavor in Cold Brew

The debate rages on: should cold brew taste balanced or melt your face off?
by RJ Joseph | June 27, 2022

Beyond Earl Grey: Tea Wisdom from Three AAPI-Owned Importers

The past decade has seen a newer crop of quality-minded tea importers and vendors: here are three you need to know.
by Mikey Rinaldo | June 24, 2022

Triangulate Your Career: Should Baristas Consider Getting Q Grader Certification?

Is Q certification worth it for baristas to pursue? The answer depends on where you want to go in your career.
by Michael Butterworth | June 20, 2022