It’s Fun to Be Cattiwampus!

Cattiwampus: Askew, awry, off kilter–also known as life with kids! I love today’s deal from Plum District! Get $25 worth of unique, eco-friendly gifts for only $12 from Cattiwampus!

Cattiwampus specializes in finding unique and often handmade gifts that you won’t find everywhere else! Here’s just one example–

As a child, I loved keeping a diary and I’ve journaled most of my life. I still remember the first diary I ever had, and I thought it was a priceless treasure. Well, here’s a great way to introduce diaries to a little girl in your life. There are lots of other designs to choose from and they’re priced at just $11! So with today’s deal, you could buy two for the price of one with a bit of change to spare.

The mother-daughter team of Wendy and Sharon who founded Cattiwampus had the goal of offering in one place all the fantastic clothes (like this cute cowgirl tee for only $11), toys and more that they stumbled upon in shops from London to New York. Cattiwampus was launched to share all the great finds for parents and kids that they have uncovered over the years.

Founded in 2007, but years in the making, the site is a “best-of” list of their family favorites: tried and true products that have withstood the test of the kids in their homes. If they have kids, I’m sure they’ve tested out products like this little lunch box (also in many other styles) that sells for only $14!

I always shop a site before I share a deal because I want to make sure my readers are truly getting a bargain! Well, today’s Plum District deal is one I highly recommend. Cattiwampus will now be among my favorite shops to buy a unique baby gift or present for a special child in my life. When I find deals like this one, I always buy at least one. That way, I’m never without a baby gift since you can print out the vouchers and gift them like a gift certificate. The only downside of this deal is that you can only buy one :-( . But it’s okay because I’ll probably get two gifts with this $12. And you are allowed to use your voucher toward shipping and handling, so that’s a plus!

Here’s a peek at what’s coming up this week at Plum District.

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