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It’s rare that I write a post about a single sale, but this one is worthy of serious attention. Today, Beyond the Rack is featuring one of my favorite jewelry collections. I own a couple of these pieces, and the pictures don’t any of them justice! I think of all my jewelry purchases from a sample sale, my selections from W/A Studios.

W/A Studios is not your typical fashion jewelry company. Steeped in the grand tradition of iconic leading ladies, W/A embodies the youthful, charming feminine spirits–Think of the glamour of Garbo, the sophistication of Sophia, the elegance of Jacque and the vibrant spirit of Audrey and you begin to understand the depth and complexity of their many varied collections.

Each creation by W/A Studios is distinctive in its originality, made with uncompromising passion, to be enjoyed by the woman who appreciates the attention to detail—for those who live for the moment and for whom style means more than following the trend in the endless array of magazines.

W/A offers cutting-edge designs for loyalists compelled to honor the tradition of classic luxury. Those enamored enough to pay tribute to the timeless dictates of individual, creative style will bask in the glow of hand-crafted artisanship, each style carefully conceived to showcase her individual spirit.

Prices in this sale range from $9 to $49. I’ve pictured a few of my favorites and the prices for the pieces pictured are outlined below:

  • Layered Gold-Tone Necklace ~ $29
  • Stun Silver-Tone Necklace (Also comes in Gold-Tone) ~ $19 (I have this piece and the beads are weighty and gorgeous!)
  • Stargazer Bracelet ~ $45
  • Glamour Earrings (These come in gold and silver) ~ $19
  • Capture Ring (Comes in Light Blue and Purple Setting ) ~ $25

The value of each piece of W/A jewelry rests not only with the form and fashion tucked within each alluring design, nor in the refinement and ingenuity that underpins each meticulously crafted item. No, the beauty and joy recognized in each piece is the whimsical spirit it possesses, the surprise it awakens with those who wear it and the promise of unrestrained elegance and joie de vivre that transcends description.

You’ll want to make your Christmas list for yourself and other jewelry lovers and check out the W/A Studios sale at Beyond the Rack. This sale ends Tuesday, Noon Eastern Time.

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