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I hope my site won’t get labeled as being too kid friendly . . . my original idea was that I would have very little to showcase in the way of children’s clothing. But then I realized there are four sample sales dedicated solely to kids and their moms. And on occasion, other sample sales feature children’s apparel and all the stuff that goes along with the little bundles of joy that turn our lives upside down!

When you read this post, please be assured that I didn’t try to show something from every sale. Far from it! There were just so many cute things and I wanted to make sure I shared as much as possible! So hold on!

Beyond The Rack
There was only one children’s sale at Beyond The Rack today, Mustard Pie. I was a little curious about the name of the line and did a little research. The designer says that when she was a little girl, her mom was always baking, and one of her favorite dishes was Lemon Meringue Pie. One Mother’s Day, the little would-be fashion designer decided to make a special pie for her mom to show her how much she loved her.

In true mom fashion, her mother helped her get the crust ready, but the independent little five-year-old wanted to make the filling all by herself. She searched high and low in the kitchen cupboards for the mysterious yellow filling that tasted so yummy and smooth and finally settled on what MUST have been the key ingredient in that amazing Lemon Meringue pie. Yep, you guessed it! She took the big jar of yellow mustard out of the refrigerator and squeezed and squeezed until the crust was filled to overflowing!

Many years later, as a means of expressing her desire for her children’s line of clothing, she remembered that pie and decided that she wanted her designs to reflect that same child-like creativity she had the day she made her first “Mustard Pie.”

From the looks of this sweet, pink and green polka-dot dress, on sale at Beyond the Rack, I’d say she accomplished what she set out to do, wouldn’t you? Absolutely adorable!

Today is the day for the sales ideeli coined as “Red Sales.” The buys are amazing! Isn’t this little black and royal dress from MicroMe the cutest thing–especially when you add the matching shoes? The dress is only $15 and the shoes sell for $9.
Now, when an online sample sale features a blowout sort of sale (i.e.,ideeli’s Red Sale), supplies are often limited. So, guess what? I saw this same outfit a little earlier in the week at zulily, and they still have it. The price is a tad more expensive, but not so much so that if you are just dying to have this outfit for your little girl you’ll wince at the difference.

I know the trademark monkeys featured on Small Paul clothing are not everybody’s thing, but I think they’re so cute. This sale had some of everything–blankets, totes, bibs, tees, but I thought these little girls’ onesies were a steal–two for $12! This dress from Hype Kids is my find of the day in children’s wear. It comes in sizes 7 to 16 and is only $12!! I love the paisley pattern and couldn’t believe the price!

The Mini Social
I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think about Christmas a little–Christmas Eve is only five months from today! So whenever I see good buys on toys–especially educational ones and ones that are high quality, I try to think ahead to the little ones on my shopping list.These little gifts from Mud Puppy are perfect for some of the tiniest tots on my list and I really like the packaging. One of my picks in this sale is the Mermaid Diary . . . as a little girl, I had a diary and I treasured it so! Up until a few years ago, I still kept a diary. Now blogging (on my personal web page) has sort of replaced that. But there’s just something about putting your secrets under lock and key that makes writing them down extra special!

I’ve said it often–Under the Nile is one of my favorite lines of children’s clothing. I know that trendy looks are in, but call me old-fashioned . . . I like baby clothes that look like babies. I know white isn’t very practical, but I fell in love with this precious outfit! The white capri pants and peasant top are only $14 for the set. Prices in this sale start at only $7!

And now, to the opposite extreme. . . this little outfit is as masculine as the previous was dainty. But again, call me old fashioned. . . I just think a boy should look like a boy! This red and black flannel shirt by Acoustic is too cute! And when you pair it with the jeans, you have a winning combination for the dads who insist their boys not be dressed in anything that looks babyish (I don’t agree with all that, but some men are funny about that kind of thing)! Prices in this sale start at only $16 at The Mini Social.

Totsy always has something fun and original in its sales. I love the looks from Funkoos and the tongue-in-cheek expressions on the bibs. This one says, “If you can read this, I haven’t eaten yet!” LOL! Here, you have something totally off the wall and yet, these onsies have a softer quality. I love the embroidered designs on them, and at $11.99 and under, you can afford to stock up on these must-have items for infants.

When I was a little girl, I thought my mother was so beautiful! She was very stylish, and I loved seeing her all dressed up for church on Sundays. She was always so put together, and I wanted to be just like her. When I saw these Mother-Daughter dresses from Mama Om’s Mommy and Me collection, those memories came flooding back. The mother’s dress is $32 (what a bargain) and the girl’s dress is $24.

Remember that cute little royal and black polka dot dress and matching shoes from the
ideeli sale I mentioned earlier? Well, they have them at zulily, too. But here’s something from MicroMe for boys–this cute little rocker wear outfit is way cool! With prices starting at $12.99, you can afford to have the hippest kid on the block!

These shoes remind me of the first Vans that came out way back when–they called them Off-the-Wall Vans and my oldest son just had to have a pair! Now, I’m buying something similar for his two-year-old son! I guess it’s true–everything old is new again! Gosh! When did I get so old?

PUMA shoes have been sported by world class athletes since the 1950’s–Serena Williams and Pele to name a few. PUMA shoes have been worn by champions in the U.S. Open and World Cup and by Gold Medalists in the Olympics. Now you can buy their apparel for your little champion or future Olympian. These Last Chance outfits by PUMA are only $12.99. While the boy’s outfit is traditional PUMA all the way, it’s apparent that PUMA has kept up with the changing trends and has made a great effort at starting the girls out a little earlier with a softer look.

Oh, I just love these little separates from Luna Luna Copenhagen starting at $9.99! You can buy these now for the warmer weather and the longer pants and jacket will carry your little princess into the late fall! These separates are trendy yet still have that cutesy baby look! I likey!

My granddaughter would absolutely love this dress! But then, what little girl wouldn’t be crazy for this Fuchsia Cupcake Dress by Stella? It’s $36.99 at zulily, and the other dresses in this sale are equally flirty and frilly!

And speaking of flirty and frilly . . . Oh, my goodness! Are these dresses by Blink & Dimple not the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? These dresses are perfect for a wedding or any special occasion, and I can certainly see these being put away for another generation. The styles say heirloom, but the price says affordable!

I need to show at least one more thing just for boys. This line of clothing by Hub Cap is the perfect play wear. Again, the weight and style will take your little one into the fall months. And you can’t beat these prices, starting at only $9.99.

zulily was filled to the brim with toys and gifts. On sale, you’ll find these playful puppets by Hape. The sale included so much more than puppets, but these were so darn cute, I posted only those. The threesome sells for only $14.99 and the larger tiger puppet is just $9.99. If you aren’t thinking Christmas present, I want to know why! What a great gift for children three years and up!

And if you’re in decorating mode (or even if you’re buying a shower gift), why not take a look at these gifts from Dolce Mia? From growth charts to wall clocks, there’s something in this sale for every taste and budget. Prices start at $15.99.

Okay, I’ve talked enough! It’s time for you to start shopping!


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