Scarpasa Shoes Half Off at Jasmere!

The only thing better than a new favorite pair of shoes? A wonderful new place to shop for shoes. Scarpasa is that place. Founder/owner Christina Luhur offers a vast range of fabulous styles, united by the simple belief that “cute shoes shouldn’t hurt.” Oh, and her FREE shipping/FREE returns policy doesn’t hurt either!

Experience Scarpasa for yourself with today’s stackable $75 vouchers from jasmere. It’s rare to get a social shopping deal with stackable vouchers, so I’m excited about this one. You can buy up to three and they will be combined into one code so that you can use them all in one order. If you buy three vouchers, you have $225 to spend. Your cost for that $225 is just $36 each, for a total of $108. AND that price could drop since jasmere drops the price as the deals popularity goes up!

Here’s a good example of how this deal works:

I picked this great pair of Snakeskin Pumps that sell for $149. I’ll need two $75 vouchers to make this purchase ($150). I commit to “Buy” the deal and if enough people do the same, the price goes down by a dollar or two more. But right now, it’s at $36 per $75 voucher. So, I’m committing to spend $72 to buy two $36 vouchers and in exchange for my $72 purchase, I’ll get this $149 pair of shoes.

Oh, how I love jasmere! I’d never pay $149 for this pair of shoes, but I’d pay $72 (or less)!


  1. Jas says:

    Use code SF0B934EB0 at for an extra $5 off. Expires 12/1/10

  2. admin says:

    Why didn’t I know about this coupon code? And how long is this one good for?

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